September 28, 2002

R-Flux revamped

Raye Fukuda's online portfolio gets a new face.
Super-talented designer and art director, she was my lead for the short time we worked together at DentsuFUSE. Her work was always amazing and it was really inspiring to work by her side. Such a pitty it was only for a few months...

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September 22, 2002

Battle for the Sudan

In what I believe is one of the first big commercial implementations of Collin Moock's Unity socket server comes along Battle for the Sudan, a very clever, really nicelly done multi-player game which may look a little bit like chess at the first glance; but watch out, there's a little tweak in the rules.

You can check the game here.

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Joshua Davis is back

This must be old news already, but after a long awaited return, Joshua Davis is back with new content in his website, now moved to
Looks like lately he's been doing some stuff for Red Hot Chilli Peppers's tour for their new album, which by the way, I bought - with maybe too much expectations - just to find it a little dull.
If you still don't know who Josh is, to make things short, he is simply one of the pioneers and legends of flash development and web-art, who these days seems to be really bussy picking up bruises skating in his back porch :P
Here is a nice article at about him.

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September 20, 2002

Zoomify Flash!

Wow, this one is awesome.
I've been cracking my brains on how to create a client application that would let you zoom in and out of huge image files without any RAM problems. I had thought of splitting the whole thing into a big image array and load in only the necessary parts at the time needed. Of course in that case I would have needed to create stepped resolution maps, which would have meant a ton of sweat and tears.

Now sudddenly this morning I droped by Zoomify Flash and found this beautifull set of photoshop-droplet, client-side flash component, and server-side cgi helper, that brings the whole thing together in seconds and looks and performs beautifully - hundred times better than I could have ever imagined...

Check it out working over here

So whenever I have time (yeah sure) I'd love to give this a try.

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September 09, 2002

Flash 6 update

Almost 4 in the morning here, but I can say I'm done with the Flash Player 6 update for this website. It was time I did something about it :)

Cleaned up all the code (which probably needs s little bit more cleaning yet) but most significantly now this blog reads from the .rss feed that Movable Type spits out. I had installed Movable Type in my server long time ago, but never really had time to play much with it.

This is the URL for the feed.

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September 07, 2002

Back to the canvas

Yeei, so last night I couldn't get to many ideas floating in my head, and suddenly I couldn't take it anymore and jumped out of bed to get my brushes and stuff...and I was suddenly back with the canvas!
There's so much I want to do, but somehow these days I kind of start to see where my offline work could blend with my online stuff...
Well, yeah, it's going to take some time, but expect something good starting to grow at

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September 02, 2002


I finally decided to spend the bucks on it and go for a flashcom enabled account in and started moving over there some of the apps I had built so far in my local testing server.
It's a bummer that, because of yet uncomprehensible reasons, some of them collapsed during play and I can't get them to come back to life again.

So yeah, where are the examples?

Here's a small one, it's an old game pretty popular back home:
"damas espanolas", or spanish checkers.

Pretty funny when I showed this to Matty, we just couldn't help but play not the game, but as if it where magnets on a refrigerator, and every now and then we'll drop by in to see what the other one was up to and make a new drawing there.

Arrr. yeah, the game...? I don't remember much the rules so I had to google around for it. Here's a nice link and some history about it.

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