September 02, 2002


I finally decided to spend the bucks on it and go for a flashcom enabled account in and started moving over there some of the apps I had built so far in my local testing server.
It's a bummer that, because of yet uncomprehensible reasons, some of them collapsed during play and I can't get them to come back to life again.

So yeah, where are the examples?

Here's a small one, it's an old game pretty popular back home:
"damas espanolas", or spanish checkers.

Pretty funny when I showed this to Matty, we just couldn't help but play not the game, but as if it where magnets on a refrigerator, and every now and then we'll drop by in to see what the other one was up to and make a new drawing there.

Arrr. yeah, the game...? I don't remember much the rules so I had to google around for it. Here's a nice link and some history about it.

Posted by marumushi at September 2, 2002 08:35 PM
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