August 04, 2002

New winds blowing

Wooha, that was a long time between updates! Well, there's been a lot going around. I was super busy with my job but luckilly I could overcome my workaholism and take a break in Mexico for two weeks.
New winds are blowing in Tokyo again; before leaving on my trip I decided to move forward with my career and take the tough decision of leaving DentsuFUSE, where I got to meet the most amazing people ever. For the following month I'll be freelancing here, and really looking forward to get a full-time possition anytime soon.
So, here we go again, there's a lot of new plans, I'll soon be adding here an even more updatable blog section, probably focusing on MX technology. (you've GOT to have a blog these days huh?) Also Planning to give away a set of Flash components, and a lot of source code.
Got to pick up painting again too. I have a couple of comissioned works that are almost half a year late already:P
Whish me luck!
Love to all.

Posted by marumushi at August 4, 2002 01:37 AM
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