February 14, 2005

new marumushi.com

After years of slacking I decided to finally update the old and rusty marmushi.com. There's some processing experiments, and a new toy app flickrgraph.

So this is the plan, over there, you'll find a new newsfeed that I'm splitting now. This feed will be of a really loose character, and over there I'll try to stay as much focused in work as I can.

I'm also featured in the cover of shift

Sorry for the late post, I sent the link out to some friends, and left for Paris for the weekend. Now that I'm back I'm amazed on how the link to flickrgraph caught on, it seems to be all over the internet now. geez people chill out!

he, well, no, really thanx a ton.

the server was knocked out again a couple of times, but everything seems to be stable now.

Posted by marumushi at February 14, 2005 11:44 PM