September 07, 2004

ARS Electronica 2004

Ars so far looks pretty cool. The award ceremony took place last night, the 5 golden nicas where given out to the winners and right before the closing of it they got us and all the other award of distincion winners, to the stage for a final applause. We hooked up later with some friends from tokyo and went out for drinks and "event hopping" Best thing so far was the Manual Input Sessions by Tmema last night. Yesterday we went to the Ok center to check out where newsmap was being exhibited, and dropped by to stare to Listening Post. So far this has been the best of ARS for me, amazingly well finished and setup, superbly executed. Going into the room where it is exhibited is like entering a church, you just can't help but sit down and stare. We stayed there for at least 40 minutes. Later we went to see Apparition, an amazing performance by the DAMPF_lab. This morning I participated in the panel for the winners of the Net Vision category. We stayed up almost all night with Dan who was helping me polish up my presentation and slides. Luckily the feedback I got once I finished was not that bad:) Still I'm sure it could have been better. Next to me Lawrence Lessig talked about all the ideas behind creative commons, and right before he left I grabed him to get my physical copy of Free Culture signed. yay!
ok, got to run to a presentation now. more soon...

Posted by marumushi at September 7, 2004 02:18 AM