February 25, 2003

Flash Player for i-mode!

Whoohoo! this is great news!
Today NttDoCoMo & Macromedia anounced the future release of the 505i series which will come with an embedded flash player.

There's no information yet on which version of the player it is, although considering the memory constrains and connection speeds (this one is not 3G), even if it is player 6, we may still be far from being able to play around with all the capabilities of the latest version. Still, this opens a door to a whole new world in cell-phone content development, not only for flash developers, but for cell-phone content developers as well (you know, what worked on this i-mode cell, would not work in this other one, etc.)

Can't wait to see Foma with player 6!

press releases at:

more over at:
flash the future

Posted by marumushi at February 25, 2003 01:41 PM
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