October 04, 2003

the singing tower

Simply beautifull. Syncronizing 300 lights on Roppongi Hills Mori tower, J-wave and Mori tower build and inmense sound equalizer, analizing the sound signal from the J-wave radio station. - I hadn't heard of this until on the way home tonight I see on the distance in the cityscape the always imposing Roppongi Hills which lights where dancing like an inmense graphic sound equalizer. Rightaway I got the pictures that you can see here.
Tomorrow I'll definitivelly go out there to stare at it again while listening to my radio walkman.

more info on the singing tower over here Posted by marumushi at October 4, 2003 01:48 AM

stare at something else.

Posted by: 8 ball girl at October 6, 2003 05:00 PM

what do you mean? this is so freaking amazing, the only thing I'm thinking about is just stare at it for the rest of my life! dooooood!

Posted by: Marcos at October 10, 2003 02:33 PM

showed this to my girlfriend.
and saw the J-wave site too.
I am going to try to see this live myself.
Thanks for the info marcos.

Great post.

Posted by: krishna at October 19, 2003 03:47 PM
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