November 04, 2003

phidgets: they're heeere!

This morning when I got to my desk, a great surprise was awaiting; a huge package from the University of Calgary - my phidgets are here!
wired the whole thing, plugged in a servo, plugged the USB Interface to my laptop and in a matter of no time I was moving it with a small VB app. nnnice!!
There was so much in there, servos, leds, RFID tags and readers, light sensors, force sensors, touch sensors, motion sensors...
Each hardware device in the kit comes with a pretty well documented ActiveX control (which means no worries at all about comm protocols, usb etc.), so next step will be wrapping the whole thing in screenweaver and building a flash API for it.
Once that's done, there's a couple of very interesting projects waiting in line I already have ton of sketches for.
...awww maaann... here we go my midnights again...

Posted by marumushi at November 4, 2003 03:52 PM

Man, this is awesome! I've been saving up money to buy a Mindstorm package, but this is much cheaper and way cooler too. Thanx for pointing me to this resource and keep me updated ( maybe through email ) about your progression! I am gonna order a package too, which one did you buy?

thnx. owen

Posted by: Owen van Dijk at November 4, 2003 07:16 PM

pretty cool huh? Well, I wanted to start with just a couple of servos, that was enough for me, but considering they are waaaaaaay cheaper than mindstorms i went with the phidget starter kit #2
well, ok that one is not thaaat cheap, but once you open it you won't beleive all that can fit in there...

Posted by: marcos at November 4, 2003 08:00 PM

Oh! OH! Oh! I want!!!

Posted by: Kristin Henry at November 5, 2003 06:21 AM