November 15, 2003


[ The "Tele-Actor" is a skilled human with cameras and microphones connected to a wireless digital network. Live video and audio are broadcast to participants via the Internet or interactive television. Participants not only view, but interact with each other and with the Tele-Actor by voting on what to do next. ]

Out of that project, comes tele-twister - login every friday from 12-1pm Pacific time to play.

Thumbs up for audience participation!

[via smartmobs]

Posted by marumushi at November 15, 2003 12:09 PM

When I was out of work and broke last year, I so wanted to do something like this using Flashcom and me. Basically, it'd be like an interactive Jackass, you'd tell me to do stupid shiot, like run into a wall, or bang my head against the monitor, or throw Tabsco sauce in my eyes, or something less violent (hopefully). At any rate, I was gonna charge a miniscule fee for interaction and a even smaller fee for just watching; I was hoping a ton of people would watch so I could make more off of watchers than interactee's.

At any rate, very cool others are running with it in a non-pR0n way.

Posted by: JesterXL at November 15, 2003 01:23 PM

haha, that's so you - you should definitively do it!
oh yeah, I'll pay my bucks to see you suffer, ohhh yeah ;)

yeah, I was thinking in wiring myself up with something similar, using gps and touring the city along with virtual participants that I would have carried on my bicycle's front rack, with people telling me where to go next, left, right, what to do, talk to that chick, get into that shop. heck, I even did it a couple of times with my brother sitting infront of his computer on the other side of the planet. flashcomm video chat and me walking around the market streets here while broadcasting wirelessly (nothing that some quick warchalking can't help;)
it's just a pain to carry all the you look like a dork talking to an open laptop on the street.

please tell me you don't want to get auger-loizeau's interstitial space helmet now!

...and prOn... dude, you know those guys are light years ahead of anything any research lab can come with... and they are definitivelly making a loot of money with it!

Posted by: marcos at November 15, 2003 01:50 PM