November 20, 2003

submit []:!body

Currently being exhibited at the 6th Biennial of Video and New Media of Santiago
( 19 - 26 November 2003 ) !body is the first part of a 3 piece project that involves realtime differential-amplification of virtual bodies in physical places: submit[]

"submit[0]:!body is established in the connection of both physical and virtual spaces by infrared sensors and a database. Instead of a physical installation, !body consists of an intervention of the author's house by sensors; in this way his body is shifted to a fixed field of action (the place, his house, his home) that is displayed on the web; thus, from internet, the common space of the analitic reduction of the body-place-author is inhabited, his representation in this space is interfered, becoming body while occupying a space where both (the author's body, the user's body) share the same substrate: information."

Posted by marumushi at November 20, 2003 01:10 AM
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