December 08, 2003

Canon Digital Creators Contest Awards

To be sincere, I feel the quality of the works could have been better. It feels that concepts have reached plateau since a couple of years ago and there hasn't been much stuff done that would raise the bar again. Well, its a very young competition, but still, there's very cool stuff in there.

ok, most interesting part; the web category:


  nude messenger  

  ideal world
  image - the interactive hieroglyph

honorary mention
  des fleurs
  mind tapestry
  rgb filter
  where does satisfaction come from?

canon award
  Kite Aerial Photography

macromedia award
  every morning
  happy city

oh, btw, I guess If canon wants to raise the quality of the works presented there, they should definitivelly start with changing the people that makes the contest website. Still, if you can handle it and stand enough whish slpash transitions, click in the "Award Winning works Announced - click here!" banner (!!!) and check out J. Baumann and J. Davis main commentaries, they are pretty interesting.

Posted by marumushi at December 8, 2003 02:14 AM