February 09, 2004

massively multiplayer location-based realtime rpg

"YDreams and Hong Kong mobile telecom operator Sunday last week launched Undercover, a massively multiplayer, persistent game for mobile phone users in Hong Kong. In the game, the players' real location is the main tool in a quest for justice and survival. Undercover has been available nationwide in Portugal since July 2003. Sunday Hong Kong customers are the first players outside Portugal to join the game - trial versions are planned for over 14 countries."

[via smartmobs]

Java seems to be sweeping the mobile market everywhere. This is the type of content that the flash-lite player for mobile phones could and should be able to play as of last year if it wasn't for the ooper dooper strict phone carrier restrictions. I really look forward to the next version of this player and I really hope they come up with a little bit more serious piece of software. Also hope the makers realize that realtime GPS accesibility from this plugin is a *must*, today. Phone carriers are realizing that, and slowly start introducing GPS enabled phones. It would be a sin to leave the new player blind to this type of hardwares capabilities.

Posted by marumushi at February 9, 2004 06:19 PM