April 02, 2004

server melt down

looks like for the past 48 hours the whole internet has been pointing to newsmap

server went down a couple of times, first it was k10k'd later mefied. some time after that boing-boinged and finally slashdoted.
my bandwidth usage is up in the stratoshpere over my allowed quota - I'm not really sure how I'm going to pay for all that - and my log files are reaching 60MB (to give you an idea, that's just a textfile that usually was around 400k)

the newsmap database just crashed a couple of hours ago, and I've uploaded a backup which is of course, incomplete, so it will take some days until the whole thing recovers and starts displaying everything accuratelly.

movable type completely died too, I'm actually updating this by hand now (sorry, no RSS, or archives updates)
Also my mail server went completely offline since yesterday, so if you sent me an email during that time, I'd greatelly appreciate you resend it later.

oh, my email address: mail[att]marcosweskamp{dott} com

weee. better go get a drink now.

Posted by marumushi at April 2, 2004 11:10 PM