November 20, 2002

Devcon Japan - Day 1

Really exciting first day over at the Cerullean Towers in Shibuya.

Of course Yugo Nakamura did the honors again. You know what to expect from him already. Although his presentation hasn't changed much along the years (I've seen him already a bunch of times) each time I leave one of his presentations I feel I can get home and suddenly take over the world. Very, very inspiring.

They guys from Bascule had a really nice session on Flash Communications server too. They have just published this very good tutorial at macromedia desdev japan (if you don't read japanese... patience, I'm pretty much sure they'll come up with an english translation for that soon)

Ok. please give me some time for a full review later this week. I've taken a ton of notes, which I now will have to patiently translate into one coherent language (if you see my notebook, you'll just find a bunch of scribbles where you wouldn't really be able to differentiate english from japanese from spanish or klingon)

Posted by marumushi at November 20, 2002 01:59 AM
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