November 21, 2002

Devcon Japan - Day 2


Although having their session all in a video playing in the background, and the presentators on stage just talking about it, Furi-Furi Company showed a really slick instant messaging app they worked on for AOL. They say they started with that mainly pc based, and suddenly decided to take it to i-mode. So they came up with an instant messaging application between i-mode and pc. Now they said they got bored of it and just added a flash interface to it. neat!

They later added some VJ randomization engine to the flash movie and projeced it in the big screen in the room... and there they where, instant messaging from a cell-phone to the big screen. Very japanese, although they gave the address for people to interact with it from the audience, no one really did:P All they needed is one to start, and the rest to follow...but it never happened.

In one of the last sessions, Tomohiro Ueki had a great intro to Flash Remoting which was really simple to follow until the last 5 minutes, when running out of time he hurried up the pace and probably got a lot of people lost besides me:P

Pretty wierd that Macromedia decided to have Mike Chambers's session on advanced Remoting in the morning and Ueki-san's intro on Remoting at night. I would have gotten so much more of both if they had been in the reverse order:P

I'll try to come up with a more detailed report on all that happened over there during the weekend.

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